Vietnam Market Primer 2020

The Vietnam Market Primer is a comprehensive document that outlines the business and regulatory environment in Vietnam. This primer covers topics ranging from the opportunities presented by the Vietnamese market to the ease of doing business in the country. In all, the primer provides insights for businesses in planning to expand into Vietnam.

Please contact us at to receive the full primer and for further discussions. 

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Indonesia Market Primer 2020

The Indonesia Market Primer is a comprehensive document on the business and regulatory environment in Indonesia. This primer will be able to aide businesses in their plans to expand into Indonesia.

Please contact us at for more information on the full primer and to discuss further.

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Baseline Study on Capacity and Supply Chain of Toy Industry in Indonesia

In collaboration with a local University in Indonesia, ATPA (as SEATA) published a report studying the state of the toy industry supply chain. This study aimed to help us understand the challenges and opportunities for growth in the Indonesian toy industry.

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Regional Monthly Monitoring

Every month ATPA releases a regional monthly monitoring report. This report focuses on Asia and looks into these key topics of interest: 

Covid-19 updates – [These updates will be temporary and will be removed when no longer relevant]

Intellectual Property Rights updates – including illicit trade, counterfeits, as well as developments to intellectual property regulations. 

Sustainability updates - including Extended Producer Responsibility policies, plastic waste management regulation and other relevant issues. 

Labour issues updates - Including issues regarding foreign workers or changes to labour laws.

Trade policy updates – including updates about Free Trade Agreements, Export and Import Tariffs, and similar issues 

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